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CALI Lessons 101

August 1st, 2014 · No Comments · Lessons, Promoting CALI to Students

First, the lesson Elevator Pitch, if you are completely unfamiliar with our lesson library.  CALI has over 900 lessons written by law professors and librarians.  Prior to publication by CALI, the lessons go through a thorough peer review and editing process. Post-publication, they are annually reviewed and updated by authors for currency.  Lessons are compatible with all browsers and operating systems as well as are functional on mobile devices.

We can send out flyers and create digital signage until the cows come home, but really, the best way to introduce students to CALI lessons is for you to assign them – either by actually assigning them for credit or just mentioning them to students as an available FREE study resource.  There’s a couple of different ways to find appropriate CALI lessons for your students:

  • If you use a TWEN page for your course, during the creation process it will ask you if you want to automatically add links to CALI lessons based on the subject of your course.  This is by far the easiest way to pick lessons and get them in your students’ hands.
  • We have correlation tables for casebooks that tie CALI lessons into specific pages of many casebooks.
  • You can also Browse by Topic or, for more detail, check out the Lessons by Subject Outline.

(PROTIP: when reviewing lessons prior to assigning them, click on “faculty view” on the individual lesson page to see the entire contents of the lesson on one webpage instead of flipping through all the lesson pages individually. That will save you some time.)

If you do want to assign CALI lesson for credit, we have a feature called Lesson Link.  Though a very simple process, you can create a special URL to existing CALI lessons.  This URL can then be shared via TWEN, WebCT, Blackboard, blogs, email, etc.  and students’ lesson scores will be visible to you.  If you create more than one Lesson Link for a course, a “course page” will be created and you can also just send students to that page.  Please note: CALI cannot guarantee a secure testing environment.


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