Basic Marketing Checklist

Why should I promote CALI at my school?

To be blunt, if your school has paid for a membership in CALI…why wouldn’t you want to get the most value out of your membership dollar as possible?

CALI lessons are a valuable learning tool.  Your students will be thrilled to know that there is a FREE and HIGH-QUALITY study aid available to them through their school.   Increased student satisfaction and class performance are always good things.   CALI lessons also provide something that students generally do not get in law school – feedback and self-assessment.  This can help soothe worried students and show them where they have room for improvement.

And if bringing joy to students isn’t really your thing, how about cutting down on the number of desperate emails requesting the CALI authorization code a week before exams? When you actively promote CALI to students early, they get that initial registration out of the way and won’t need the authorization code later in the semester.

For faculty, CALI has a range of tools that can enhance their classroom activities. They would also appreciate the benefits of a happier, more prepared class.

Five steps to promoting CALI at your school

We suggest five basic steps all schools should take to ensure students know about CALI Lessons.

  1. Introduce CALI to 1Ls during orientation.
  2. Send a reminder announcement to all students early in the semester. (Both in Fall and Spring!)
  3. Remind them again later in the semester just as students are getting serious about studying for exams.
  4. Make sure Teaching Faculty, Academic Success Program coordinators and Librarians all know about CALI.
  5. Display the posters, flyers and digital signage that CALI provides.