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New CALI Lessons – Help! I’m Zoning Out!

This lesson is designed to provide students with data about why their attention levels may dip during class or studying, including recent research regarding the effects of digital distractions on concentration. The lesson invites students to reflect upon the reasons they may lose focus and/or concentration while in class or while studying, and provides a robust set of strategies students can use to anticipate and control for that loss of focus, incorporating several free-writes.

NEW CALI Podcast Available: Reliance (Promissory Estoppel): Discussions in Contracts

The topic of this podcast by Professor Jennifer S. Martin is when agreements that are not enforceable as contracts because they are not supported by consideration are nevertheless enforceable due to reliance on the promise, often referred to as promissory estoppel. It discusses reliance as it pertains to gift promises, including charitable donations. The podcast examines the rule for promissory estoppel, as set forth in Restatement (Second) of Contracts § 90, as well as the form of remedy permitted in cases based upon reliance. To illustrate, the podcast uses several hypotheticals and looks at the following cases: Kirksey v. KirkseyRicketts v. Scothorn, and Bouton v. Byers.

New CALI Podcast Available: UCC § 2-206, Offer and Acceptance in Formation of Contract: Discussions in Contracts

The topic of this podcast by Professor Scott J. Burnham is how an offeree can accept an offer for the sale of goods under UCC § 2-206. The podcast considers examples of the application of subsections (1)(a) and (b).